Dave Batters will be attending several meetings in Moose Jaw Friday including a special meeting with local elected officials to discuss possible funding options for the MultiPlex.


Friday is another busy day for Palliser Member of Parliament Dave Batters as he meets with local residents to find out what they would like to see discussed during the fall session in Ottawa next month.

Friday at 10am, Batters is meeting with residents of the Mulberry Estates. Following that Batters has a very important meeting regarding the future of Moose Jaw. "There's a key meeting involving myself, the local MLA's, City Council, and the local MultiPlex Committee to formulate a strategy as to how to proceed or how to best proceed with the MultiPlex."

Batters says he's keeping an eye on the proposed project and is very interested in how things will come together to better our city as a whole.

But the day doesn't end there. Following all of his scheduled meetings, Batters has arranged to work the "graveyard" shift with the Moose Jaw Police Service. He says its a chance to get a first hand view of what our officers deal with on a nightly basis.