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They will meet again next week and decided what the group’s best options are.

The Multiplex Builders are not pleased with City Hall's decision to place the new multiplex on the current site of the Civic Centre. The Builders have been pushing for a downtown site that includes more than just a hockey arena and a curling facility.

The group discussed many things in a three-hour meeting Tuesday night. Builder’s Co-Chair Ray Boughen says making Moose Jaw a better place to live is still their goal. "This committee is very pro-Moose Jaw and they are looking for facilities that will keep Moose Jaw front and centre on the tourism map as well as keep Moose Jaw front and centre for people that live here, encouraging them to stay and to attract new people and businesses showing that the city has things to offer than just blue skies and bright sun."

Boughen says the indoor soccer pitch, walking track, and convention centre could add so much to our city if included in the project.

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