Once again the proposed facility took up much of City Council's time Tuesday night as the Steering Committee requested $60,000.


Moose Jaw's proposed multiplex dominated the conversation at City Council Tuesday night as Councillors Brian Swanson and Dawn Luhning had lots of questions and concerns about the Multiplex Steering Committee.

Swanson believes the committee has only the downtown location in its sights but Councillor Al Schwinghamer says they're just looking for answers.

"What is this project going to have for impact on adjacent properties? Is it going to give the downtown a boost much like the spa did, much like the casino has and much like the Cultural Centre has? It may cost more to build downtown and looking at the planning spin-offs, is it worth it?"

Council approved a request from the Multiplex Committee to spend $60,000 on an Environmental Site Assessment at the downtown location, which is one of three sites being considered.