After years of debate, construction and budgeting, the multiplex project is coming to a close in Moose Jaw and City hall is expecting nearly $2 million to be left in the contingency fund when things are said and done.

Moose Jaw Parks and Recreation Director Jody Hauta presented his monthly report Monday night and said some changes to the funding structure for equipment has resulted in a positive change to the budget. "This is an increase of about $997,000 from last month and the primary reason for the increase is a reconciliation of the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment purchases versus the budget."

So that will put the total project cost at approximately $59.4 million according to Hauta. "Any unspent funds at the end of the project will be returned to the 5 Year Capital Budget for allocation by council at a later date."

There is still a bit of work to be done at both Mosaic Place and the Fieldhouse but most of that has been factored in already. Hauta explained that they are currently reviewing how accessible the faculties are for people with disabilities. While the buildings currently meet the standards set out in the Building Code, city facilities in Moose Jaw often exceed those standards and they want to keep that trend going.

"There are some areas that we want to bring up to a similar standard as other city facilities and the cost of improvements would be estimated at $100,000 and the majority of those would be door openers to various areas within the facility."

Food storage at Mosaic Place is also being addressed as more refrigeration units are expected to be installed shortly.  There have been reports of the concessions running out of food during events due to a lack of storage.