Over 200 people packed the Sunningdale School gym Wednesday night to learn more about the MultiPlex project and to voice their opinions of the 40 million-dollar project.


Passionate pleas, thought out theories, and monetary messages were delivered Wednesday night at the first of 4 MultiPlex forums being held in Moose Jaw over the next month.

It was standing room only at Sunningdale School as we learned more about the proposed project and heard from you about what your concerns were.

Dr. Mark Brown was one of many to address the forum. "I'm here to make a plea for the health of the community. I think with the obesity problem that we have in Canada and specifically Saskatchewan, there need to be indoor soccer facilities and facilities for young kids to be able to do indoor sports especially with our harsh winters."

Everything from money to parking to location and amenities were discussed at the meeting including some outside the box thinking for the project like this from Joanne Carol. "My father actually came up with a plan that he's talked to a few people about and that concerns converting the Civic Centre into the curling rink component. I don't see anybody even proposing something like that... converting the Civic Centre and using an existing facility that's kind of a land mark in our community and then possibly adding on the hockey rink."

The more than 200 local residents also discussed location with a lot of emotion as the future of our city will be affected by the decision City Council makes. That was the message Horace Bender brought forward. "Before the announcement of the go ahead for the spa we wanted to sell out business. My wife said put it up for sale but I said you cant because there was 25 vacancies on Main Street and on either side of Main Street half a block away. 25 vacancies at that time but how many are there now? You can see what success has come through the spa."

You can have your say at the next meetings, scheduled for August 29th, September 13th, and September 20th.