Taxpayers let City Hall and the MultiPlex Builders know what they would like to see when it comes to a new sports facility at the second of four public forums.


It was another night of insightful and well thought out questions and comments as over 150 people showed up for the second of 4 multiplex forums Tuesday night.

Those in attendance first learned a little about the project from the city and the multiplex builders then the floor was opened for questions and comments.

Doug Pangko was one of the many who stepped forward and said we need to grow Moose Jaw by marketing our great features. "When I looked at the expenditures of City Council's members, I'm not sure if they were bragging or not on how little they spent but I would almost wish those expenses were higher because that would mean you were out marketing this city and I think this would be a great marketing tool, among other things."

One question Tuesday night focussed on price tags for the project with Nustadia quoting 40 million dollars for just a hockey arena and a curling rink. The Builders on the other hand have received a quote of 40 million dollars for a hockey rink, curling rink, soccer facility and walking track.

Builder Co-chair Dr. Paul Beesley crunched the numbers for those in attendance. "For the hockey arena $24,789,000. The curling rink was just over 7 million and the soccer fields were $6,213,000. They put in $2.7 million for site work and if in fact we did go with a 500-car parkade their cost was $6.8 million dollars. So the total of the whole smear was $47,600,000."

Without the parkade and according to quotes from a contractor, Beesley believes their vision can be constructed for 40 million dollars.

While most comments focused on location, to parking, to taxes, and amenities, Eleanor Cox cautioned the city to watch what they spend. "Let’s remember that Moose Jaw is not a Regina or Toronto or a Victoria. It’s a much smaller place and we don't want to have a white elephant sitting there costing us money and not being used. Let’s use our common sense."

Two more multiplex meetings are scheduled before we vote on the project. September 13th and September 20th.