Saskatchewan has a new Deputy Commissioner and Chief Firearms Officer of the Saskatchewan Firearms Office (SFO).  

Effective April 1, 2024, Murray Cowan will enter his role overseeing the central administration of the SFO while reporting to the Commissioner.  

Robert Freberg, Saskatchewan Firearms Commissioner, will maintain oversight of the entire SFO and will continue advocacy, strategic planning and advancing government priorities, continuing the work he has been doing in his expanded role as the Saskatchewan Firearms Commissioner. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Murray to our team," Commissioner Freberg said. "His breadth of experience, firearms knowledge, and deep understanding of the Saskatchewan people we serve will be instrumental in guiding our office toward achieving our objectives and delivering effective programing." 

Cowan brings over 45 years of firearms related experience to the Saskatchewan Firearms Office, including 30 years of serving with the Estevan Police Service, where Cowan rose to the role of Deputy Chief of Police in 2017. He is described as an avid outdoorsman, hunter, target shooter, and firearms enthusiast. 

“I am excited and honoured for the opportunity to become a part of the Saskatchewan Firearms Office and will be dedicated to upholding the rights and safety of legal firearm owners in our province,” Cowan said.  

“I am eager to collaborate with dedicated and skilled professionals of the Saskatchewan Firearms Office in my new role, to navigate the complexities we face, and to seize the potential for positive change. This includes working alongside our law enforcement partners, Indigenous governments in Saskatchewan and all our community stakeholders.”