The Moose Jaw Humane Society (MJHS) has launched a fundraising campaign urging donors to “Heal your broken heart and... neuter your ex” for Valentine’s Day this year.  

Dana Haukaas, executive director with the Moose Jaw Humane Society, said they got the idea from the Humboldt and District SPCA. “You make a $50 donation to the Humane Society through an etransfer, and you can put the name of your ex in the message part of the etransfer, and the next cat that comes in, we will name after your ex.” 

The $50 donation can be sent to and should include the note “neuter or spay [ex’s first name]”. They note that only first names will be used.  

Haukaas said that they have had an overwhelmingly positive response so far, with around 100,000 people having seen their Facebook post. If they don’t have enough cats that need a spay or neuter, they will add the name to a waitlist. 

Spaying and neutering are the biggest expense for the MJHS. “It’s about $150 for us to neuter a male cat, and around $275 to $300 for a female,” said Haukaas. 

Spays for dogs depend on their size and can reach upwards of $500. 

“It’s a huge help for us any time anybody donates to that spay and neuter, and it just shows people that we are not making any money on our adoptions.” 

For more information on the Moose Jaw Humane Society, you can find their Facebook page here.