The City of Moose Jaw has acquired new fountain pumps that are expected to help with issues with the Crescent Park serpentine. 

The new pumps are expected to come into use this spring. 

This past summer, the serpentine turned a slimy green colour due to duckweed and waterweed. At the time, the city said one of the issues was the dry conditions and stagnant water. 

The duckweed has also clogged up the intakes for the pump that runs the waterfall. 

“(This) will definitely help with the circulation of the water and help clean it up. There still is the dredging aspect and then the mud that impacts it and the sewer. But yes, it will drastically increase the flow and the buildup of the algae that exists, but it won’t solve the entire problem,” said Manager of Recreation Services Scott Osmachenko. 

However, the long-term solution of the serpentine isn’t as easy. In order to dredge, the city would need to bring in heavy equipment such as VAC trucks and excavators, that would damage the landscape and pathways. 

Last year, the city estimated that dredging the serpentine would cost between $500,000 to $600,000, including pathway and landscape repairs, and would take four to six weeks. 

The serpentine is a natural waterway between Spring Creek and Moose Jaw River, so chemical treatments would need approval from the Water Security Agency. 

Between 2019 and 2023, the city had about nine complaints or calls for services about the condition of the serpentine.