At the regular meeting of Moose Jaw City Council on April 22, JC Chhokar received discretionary use approval for a 24-unit housing complex on Algoma, and Moose Movers has found its own permanent home as it continues to expand. 

Chhokar is one of the owners of Moose Jaw Apartments and Moose Jaw and Regina Construction Company, which he and his partners initially formed to do their own renovations. 

Chhokar was accompanied by his wife, Pam, and numerous other friends and family were in the gallery for the presentation. 

“Our vision going forward is to develop 24 units, with a small retail outlet that will accommodate the need of the students in that given area,” Chhokar explained to council. 

“The existing land that we are planning to re-develop ... is on the corner of Algoma (Avenue) and Laurier Street.” 

Chhokar has been consulting with the city’s planning and development department since September 2023. The proposal was complicated by the plan for a small commercial space, which required a minor re-zoning for the property in question. 

Another concern was site setbacks, parking, and access in light of the fact that the area is a floodzone. 

There have been delays with the city departments, and Chhokar noted in his application to address council that he “had expected this assessment to be completed long before the construction season,” and he hoped the necessary permits and approvals would be completed before April 22. 

That turned out to be exactly what happened — the revised site plan and proposal was accepted, leaving council with little more to do than approve the application and thank Chhokar for his investment. 

“Thank you, and your family, for your continued commitment to the City of Moose Jaw,” Councilor Jamey Logan said. “You’ve been here for a long time, as you just said, and you continue to support the citizens of the city in various ways, and housing is no different, so we appreciate you calling Moose Jaw home.” 

Moose Movers expands

Local entrepreneur Dyllan Avinou addressed city council on April 22 to apply for a discretionary use application for his company’s new, independent location. 

Avinou’s business, Moose Movers, will open offices and storage yards at 153 North Service Road. The property is 3.6 acres (the old Trailer World lot), which Avinou acquired in March 2024. Logan and Councilor Doug Blanc complimented Avinou on his work to date in cleaning up the lot, saying it already looks much better. 

Avinou told council that he is grateful for the landlord he has worked with for 10 years, but with his business doing well, he realized that he’d prefer to pay his own mortgage. 

“The reason I had purchased 153 North Service Road is so that I could expand my business and have a place to call my own,” he said. 

The motion passed without issue, and council wished Avinou the best. 

The next regular meeting of city council is May 13.