Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

Drilling should begin in the next few weeks as another oil and gas company searches for shallow deposits in the Moose Jaw area.

One company has already started drilling and according to PanTerra Resources Vice President Herve Collet, his company should be breaking ground very soon. "I'm aiming to start at about the end of this month in the Moose Jaw area. Our program is going in Preeceville and we started a little over two weeks ago and we're just moving on our 5th well up there."

PanTerra Resources is an oil and gas company based out of Calgary and Collet says there's a lot of excitement in this area when it comes to natural gas. "We're hoping that there's gas there for obvious reasons. The geology seems conducive to this and we've got some indications that there may be gas potential there from old logs from wells drilled there in the 50's. We're hoping that the geology and the scientific work that we've done will pay off."

If they do, the spin offs for the Moose Jaw area could be similar to what's happened in Alberta.