We’re expecting mild temperatures with some precipitation over the next few days in Moose Jaw.  

Natalie Hasell, warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, said there’s a low-pressure system north of Manitoba and Nunavut. “From it, we see a frontal structure that also crosses Saskatchewan and Alberta.” 

She added that there could be some precipitation for Moose Jaw due to the system, and with overnight lows in minus temperatures, this could make roads subject to freezing. 

“Anything that melts, or anything that falls as liquid can freeze as the sun sets, so road conditions could be affected by this freeze-thaw cycle as long as there is snow to be melted.” 

Tonight will see a low of minus 2, with a 60 per cent chance of rain showers turning to flurries with a drop in temperature overnight. 

“We see slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow with the passage of that cold front, but it’s not particularly noticeable – it's also still above normal – a high of plus 4.” 

Thursday and Friday are set to see warmer daytime temperatures with a high on Thursday of plus 7 and plus 10 on Friday, before a system comes through the region over the weekend. “It won’t affect you directly, but you will see a change in your temperatures.” 

Saturday has a daytime high of plus 1, and a nighttime low of minus 11.  

Hasell encourages people to take advantage of the mild temperatures this week. “It’s a good opportunity for people to get ready for the next season, or to clean up from the last one.” 

She also encourages people to remain vigilant while driving despite the mild temperatures. “Remember that conditions can be different from point A to point B – also from one time to another. Things could freeze relatively quickly after sunset.”