Saskatchewan’s own Jeffery Straker braved the prairie winter to film the music video for his newest single “Sing Your Song”, off his upcoming album. Setting up on a frozen pond just outside Rouleau, the video features an upright piano, the icy prairie, and Jeffery in a bright red suit. Sticking to the core theme of his song, he truly stood out. 

“I sort of had this idea in my mind that like, what if I got a piano outside in a winter setting?” Jeffery said, speaking on the idea for the music video. 

“So, the last day before the deep freeze I went on Facebook marketplace, and I saw this free piano. So, I called up my partner, who got his truck, and we got this free piano and took it out to this pond in a field near Rouleau.” 

Straker notes that piano is still out there and that fans are welcome to go out and play it. 

Jeffery Straker will be returning as a member of the national cast of TeleMiracle this year alongside co-host Beverly Mahood, with whom he wrote an upcoming single.