Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 August 06 – 2023 August 07

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –  43

0701 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual was warned not to return

0922 hours- Assist Sick Person- Subject taken to hospital for further care.

1002 hours- Dispute- Between 2 people. Mediated

1254 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and is fine

1511 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was just resting, moved along.

1528 hours- Dispute- Between 2 individuals. One warned.

1617 hours- Found Property- To be exhibited.

1630 hours- Assist Sick Person- Subject was transported to hospital by EMS.

1951 hours- Intoxicated Person- Individual arrested for public intox and charged with mischief.

2032 hours- Theft- Subject located and charged with shoplifting. Released for court at a later date.

2133 hours- Assault- Individual assaulted earlier in the evening. Still under investigation

2243 hours- Breach Probation- Subject arrested for breach and public intoxication. Held in cells until sober

2250 hours- Obstruct Police- Motorbike fled from police. Charges pending.

2320 hours- Noise Bylaw- Reminded homeowner of the bylaw.

0006 hours- Disturbance- Individual yelling in the streets. Warned for causing a disturbance.

0050 hours- Mischief- Something thrown at complainant’s window. Area patrolled.

0116 hours- Disturbance- Individuals walking home, sent on their way.

Assist Other Agency – 2

Bylaws – 2

Foot Patrol – 1

911 Calls- 5