Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 February 7 – 2024 February 8

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –59



0806 hours- Dispute- Reported for Information.

0849 hours- Bylaw-1100 block Alder Ave-Barking Dog at 5:30 am, Owner of the dogs will be spoken to regarding the bylaw.

0928 hours- Alarm Call- False alarm area searched house was all secure, alarm was activated by animal sitter.

0941 hours- Dispute- Verbal argument, nothing physical, both parties were spoken to and situation mediated.

1054 hours- Fraud- Complainant out $50 over Face book scam, does not meet criteria for investigation, advice was given to prevent from happening again.

1121 hours- MVA- Over $5000 damage, 1 tow, no injuries.

1248 hours- Mischief- Vehicle had its window smashed by a boulder at an unknown date, still under investigation to speak with the registered owner.

1332 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was sleeping in laundry room of a business in the 200 block of High Street West.

1456 hours- Theft Over- Two reports of theft of power over $5000.

1519 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject sitting in lobby, left upon request.

1551 hours-Dispute- Concerns over video recording devices, audio recording devices was brought forward, under investigation to speak to board members.

1553 hours- MVA- 2 Vehicle collision, sending 1 vehicle over a fire hydrant resulting in 2 tows, no injuries, $20,000 damages, one charge for proceeding through a stop sign before safe to do so.

1601 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Reported for informational purposes.

1641 hours-Erratic Driving- Description of vehicle did not match the plate provided.

1717 hours- Hit & Run- Still under investigation to speak to another driver.

1744 hours-Trespass- Subject was issued ticket and sent on their way.

1809 hours- Break & Enter- 1000 Block Grafton Ave- Attempted break in occurred earlier, no video, reported for information.

1839 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- People were sleeping in a bank vestibule making patrons uncomfortable to do their banking, subject was located and sent on their way.

1916 hours- Alarm Call- Area searched, Confirmed a false alarm.

1918 hours-MVA- Single vehicle collision, $5000 damage, no injuries, city to be notified of possible damage to hydrant.

1941 hours- Threats- No criminal offense taken place, reported for information.

2046 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Report of semi travelling down wrong side of highway 1, area was searched.

2049 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Home owner noticed a ladder had been propped against home, area searched, homeowner to secure house and have friend stay the night.

2137 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Complainant was driving passed business on the 100 block of Thatcher and heard alarms going off, area checked everything was quiet upon police arrival, neighbouring businesses didn’t hear any alarms.

2254 hours-Bylaw- Complaint of someone snowplowing after bylaw hours keeping residents up, area searched no subject to be located.

2319 hours- Dispute- Subject to contact police if wanting to proceed with complaint.

0031 hours- Suspicious Person- Complainant was spoken, no items were taken from garage, reported for information.

0047 hours- Assist Ambulance- Subject was taken to hospital by EMS.

0153 hours- Unwanted Guest- Spoke with both parties, situation mediated.



Assist another agency-5

Curfew checks- 6

911 calls- 6