Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 January 29 – 2024 January 30

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 39


0802 Hours – Parking Bylaw- Registered owner contacted and moved vehicle.

0822 Hours – Hit & Run-1600 block Dunn Street-Vehicle was hit over night resulting in $2500 Damage.

0846 Hours – Theft- Lunch kit Values at $15 was stolen out of vehicle from passenger, reported for information.

0900 Hours –Suspicious Vehicle- Vehicle was legally parked on street, checked to make sure not stolen.

0936 Hours – Dangerous Dog- Owner got dog back home, was warned of the bylaw.

1020 Hours – Disturbance- Complainant wanted to report for information and get advice how to move forward.

1133 Hours- Dispute- Advice was given over a neighbourly dispute and reported for information.

1224 Hours- Suspicious Vehicle- Home owner wanted to get advice regarding towing vehicle off private property.

1246 Hours- Unwanted Guest- Occupants left upon request, Unit was secured.

1330 Hours- Found Property- Property exhibited.

1422 Hours- Parking Bylaw- Registered owner was contacted and will move as soon as possible.

1444 Hours- MVA- Assisted with name exchange between the two parties.

1531 Hours- Dispute- Both parties came to resolution over items and separated.

1557 Hours- Parking Bylaw- Registered owner was contacted and will move vehicle.

1611 Hours- Assault- Subject charged with two counts of assault and will be released on conditions.

1752 Hours- Suspicious occurrence- Area searched no one matching the description was located.

2054 Hours- Dispute- Parties separated for the night.

2126 Hours- Harassment- Complainant will block numbers and will call back if any more assistance is needed.

2218 Hours- Threats- Online threats where being made, advice was given how to move forward as well as other support services.

0015 Hours- Dispute- Parties were separated for the night, one of the subjects dealt with outstanding warrants.

0114 Hours- Noise Complaint- Subject was warned of bylaw, and was charged with outstanding warrants, released on conditions.



Warrants Executed – 2

Assist Other Agency – 2

Well Being Check-5

911 Calls – 7