Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 July 5– 2022 July 6

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 53

0657 hours- Towed Vehicle- Vehicle was towed for being unregistered on the street.


0832 hours- Theft of Auto- Vehicle was not returned to owner. Still under investigation.


0836 hours- Dispute- Both parties were separated. Social worker to do a house check.


0839 hours- Break and Enter- Someone broke into a residence and items were missing. Still under investigation to review video.


0959 hours- Dispute- Family dispute, social services to further investigate.


1032 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was taken to the hospital and then returned to family members.


1050 hours-Well Being Check- The individual is fine and will be moving into a new place.


1131 hours-Shoplifting- An individual entered a business and stole personal items. Still under investigation.


1246 hours- Recovered Stolen Auto- Vehicle recovered and owner notified. Will be processed by Ident.


1313 hours- Assault- Still under investigation to obtain statement


1325 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- All parties were spoken to and children were educated.


1332 hours- Driving Erratic- An individual was driving reckless and was spoken to and warned.


1335 hours- Well Being Check- An individual was having odd behaviour in backyard. They are fine and everything is ok.


1402 hours- Bike Found- Bicycle found in an alley and will be picked up.


1407 hours- Dog Barking- Dog barking day and night. The owner was spoken to about noise bylaw.


1416 hours- Hit and Run- Someone’s vehicle was hit and mirror knocked off. Still under investigation to locate suspect vehicle.


1454 hours- Dispute- between two individuals arguing, nothing violent. Situation mediated.


1611 hours- Well Being Check- Subject is fine and was checked out by EMS.


1613 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle hasn’t moved in a month or more. Still under investigation.


1713 hours- Assault- Statement was taken and Still under investigation to speak with witnesses.


1919 hours- Fire Call- Mattress on fire. Fire Department put it out prior to police arrival.


2006 hours- Mischief- Young kids were writing on playground, they were warned and cleaned it up.


2056 hours- Recovered Stolen Property- Recovered auto and towed for ident.


2119 hours- Dispute- Altercation between two individuals, situation mediated


2144 hours- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle blocking a driveway. Vehicle was moved by owner


2236 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject transported to cells for public intoxication


2329 hours- Driving Impaired-An individual hit a fence and still under investigation to obtain statements and issue tickets


2358 hours- Dispute- Altercation between two individuals, one individual taken to hospital for gun shot wounds, one individual in custody


0027 hours- Break and Enter- Subject broke into a house and stole items. Property was recovered and given back to owner


0341 hours- Suicidal Ideation- An individual was very intoxicated, Altercation between two individuals. Situation mediated

Assist other Police Agencies – 1

Warrant Executions- 2

Assist other Government Agencies -2

9-1-1 Calls – 9