Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 March 16 – 2024 March 17

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 29


0817 hours – Mischief- Area searched no one matching the description located.

0837 hours – Domestic- Verbal argument between two parties, nothing physical, separated for the day.

0920 hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Area searched no vehicle matching description found.

0935 hours – Suspicious Person- Advised not to return to premise.

1028 hours – Dispute- Assistance was given to provide proper documentation.

1102 hours – MVA- One tow, no injury, $10,000 damage, one ticket for fail to yield.

1125 hours – Found Property-Items exhibited as found property.

1235 hours – Domestic- Situation mediated, parties separated for the day.

1245 hours – Trespass- Subject left before police arrival.

1308 hours – Fire- $275,000 damage, 1 person taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.

1406 hours – Lost Prop- Item found and recovered, not a police issue.

1541 hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Subjects located playing on ice, moved along.

1933 hours – Dangerous Driving- Still under investigation to speak with the registered owner regarding driving actions.

2109 hours – Dispute- Subject was just already packing, follow up to make sure subject left the address.

2147 hours – Trespass- Group of people from the hockey game crossed the train tracks, area searched.

2234 hours – Theft- Local bar was giving away a Onesie, which got stolen. Subject was contacted and will return item in morning.

2235 hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject was taken to Willow Lodge for the night.

2334 hours- Mischief- Vehicle had both passenger tires slashed. Still under investigation for video.

2350 hours- Unwanted Guests- Two people sleeping in ATM vestibule were moved along without issue, offered lodging at willow lodge.

2353 hours- Mischief- Vehicle was vandalized by having one tire slashed and car scratched. SUI for video.



911- 6