Moose Jaw Police Service 

2023 November 14 – 2023 November 15 

0700 hours – 0700 hours 

Total Calls – 42 


0841 hours. Barking Dog. Owner was warned about the bylaw. 

0948 hours. Suspicious Person. Subject warned to stay out of yards. 

1205 hours. Dispute. Situation mediated. 

1225 hours. Suspicious Vehicle. Advise given to property owners.  

1318 hours. Motor Vehicle Collision. 2 vehicles, 1 tow required. 

1351 hours. Dispute. Advice given to parties. 

1409 hours. Assist to locate. Subject located safely. 

1515 hours. Parking Bylaw. Still under investigation. 

1712 hours. Dispute. Still under investigation to speak with parties. 

 0053 hours. Intoxicated Person. Subject located and taken home and left in the care on family. 


Assist other Government-7 

Warrant Executed-1 

Well Being Check-2 


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