Rob: Hey, let's talk about the spring cleanup. The community clean-up day coming up on Sunday, May 5th. And of course, you want all citizens to participate. 

Maryse: Well, it's that time of the year. I think we're all eager to be outside, to clean up our yards and to spend some more time. We'll do the same thing for the city. So yes, Sunday, May 5th is the day that we have specified to have our community clean up, for everyone to gather together and look at some of the common spaces and ensure that the city looks as great as it can for all the tourists coming in the summer and for all of us to enjoy. 

Rob: And the Moose Jaw Co-op is joining the team. 

Maryse: It's been a few years already that the Moose Jaw Co-op is there supporting us to ensure that you know everyone has a little beverage and a snack once we're all done the clean-up. 

Rob: The city will provide garbage bags and gloves, plus the Moose Jaw Co-op has the free BBQ for all clean-up volunteers, and if you want to let the city know the area you want to look after or get more information, you can just e-mail So that's something certainly we can look forward to.