Rob: Let's talk about one thing that has been a conversation, a topic of conversation on the MJ Talks Facebook page. One of the topics of conversation, the removal of the no left turn signs at the intersection, the busy intersection, of Fairford and Main downtown. For as long as I can remember there was no left turn on Fairford Street going on to Main Street. When you're heading East or West, you had to go straight through the intersection. Those signs are now down. So the question is, are we allowed now to make those left turns on to Main Street from Fairford 

Maryse: We are fully allowed and they do it almost every day now leaving work, but that's correct. We've removed those signs from the traffic assessment it was noticed that those signs were not required, and that a left turn going north on Main Street was allowed from Fairford. 

Rob: OK, that's good to hear. 

Maryse: It is great to hear. I love it. 

Rob: Yeah, for somebody who works right at the corner of Fairford and Main  

Maryse: That's right 

Rob: Comes in handy for sure!