Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 November 16 – 2023 November 17

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 46


0842 hours- Bike Theft- Occurred sometime within the last 2 days. Stolen from shed at residence

0932 hours- Hit & Run- Occurred sometime this morning. $500. Video obtained.

1052 hours- Dispute- Between 2 parties. One warned.

1121 hours- Dispute- Between landlord and tenant.

1225 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was asked to leave by police and did.

1420 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and fine

1444 hours- Well Being Check- Miscommunication. Subject fine

1505 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and is fine.

1518 hours- Dispute- Verbal argument between 2 individuals. Mediated

1645 hours- Theft- Shoplifting. Still under investigation

1736 hours- Threats- Unfounded.

1739 hours- Abandoned Vehicle- Registered Owner contacted to move vehicle.

1835 hours- Dispute- 2 intoxicated individuals involved. Mediated and separated.

1911 hours- Dispute- Between 2 individuals. Separated for the night.

2143 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual in bank vestibule. Left on request by police

0125 hours- Mischief- Front window of residence smashed- Still under investigation for video

0545 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject left on police request.


Assist other Agency- 3

Foot Patrol- 4


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