The Moose Jaw Police Service is letting the public know about a cheque scam that has spread from the United States and into Moose Jaw.  

A local business was sent a fraudulent cheque for services, with the address on the cheque being for a legitimate non-profit organization in California. The scammer asked the Moose Jaw business to deposit the cheque and transfer a significant portion of the funds back to them, but the business refused to do so, and there was no loss of funds. 

The non-profit in California is aware that their information is being used for fraudulent activity, and US law enforcement is also aware.  

MJPS says, according to US law enforcement, this is the first known instance of the fraudulent cheques using the California non-profit's information in Canada, though there have been several instances reported in the United States.  

This type of scam often happens with internet job postings according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, with a scammer offering a job, sending a cheque, and then telling people a reason to cash the cheque and transfer some of the funds back to them. 


The Moose Jaw Police Service offers these tips to protect yourself: 

  • Make sure the cheque is a real cheque from a business or individual 

  • Ask to speak to them in person or over the phone 

  • Look into an offer thoroughly, and ask advice from others before you accept 

  • Do not send any personal information including your bank account information or credit card details to people you do not know and trust 

  • Take the time to think if the requester is appealing to your emotions by making an urgent request 

  • Get any information in writing 


You may not be able to retrieve the funds that were lost if a cheque is proven to be counterfeit. 

Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 if you or someone you know mat have fallen victim to this scam. If you believe it is a local scam, contact the Moose Jaw Police Service at 306-694-7600.