Police received a new motorcycle that will be used for traffic enforcement as part of Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS), but it’s set to cost tens of thousands to equip.  

Police Chief Rick Bourassa said that while the cost of the motorcycle itself is covered by other agencies, a recent quote shows it will cost around $75,000 to fully equip, which is not covered.  

“We tried to find a local business that would take on equipping our vehicles, and there’s just nobody that was prepared to do it, so really, we’re down to basically one company that everyone in the province uses, and the prices are going through the roof,” explained Bourassa.  

Deputy Chief Rick Johns said that they’re currently going over the $75,000 quote to see if some equipment could be pared back. 

Johns spoke about what equipment they’d be looking to have for the motorcycle. “Everything from lights of course, sirens, radar, e-ticketing capabilities, an onboard tablet so offers can query people and do up tickets digitally, radio systems – in all likelihood two – one locally and one for the provincial system so they can talk with the RCMP.” 

Johns added that they could look at a two-stage process when it comes to equipping the motorcycle, with one potential initial concession being the digital processing of tickets. 

Bourassa said that the cost for a police car is at least $120,000 between purchasing and equipping the vehicle.