What will happen this time as the Moose Jaw Pork Packers shut down the kill floor Thursday?


Our source says it's a minor setback and, the full operation will be back up and running sooner than later.

The Moose Jaw Pork Packers having a tough go of it right now, apparently due to market conditions. We have word they are halting operations on the kill floor Thursday morning, just months after re-opening under the new name and new management.

It was Spring 2005 when WorldWide Pork padlocked the doors and began legal proceedings with creditors. Management at the time were granted bankruptcy protection under the agreement that the plant develop a new business plan. The plant was also granted tax breaks by the City of Moose Jaw with the agreement that a certain number of workers be maintained on the payroll.

How this closure will affect both agreements is still unknown.

We called the local pork plant to investigate and we were told the company was not prepared to comment at this time. We were then advised to leave a message for the company’s CEO. We did and have yet to hear back from anyone at the plant.