Pothole season has returned to Moose Jaw, and the snow and ice melts away unveiling this year's crop of road hazards.  

While city workers make progress on clearing catch basins and culverts to remove and redirect the deluge of meltwater experienced in the mid-point of March, headway is being made on patching potholes that have been reported to the city. 

“We of course prefer to do it when it’s drier, like (when) the hole has had time to dry, but for the major ones we’re doing it right away and then we’ll be ready as soon as hot mix is available,” said Maryse Carmicheal, Moose Jaw City Manager. 

Repairs made with hot-mix asphalt are typically performed towards the end of April to early May, when the conditions for laying the repairs are optimal and the plants which manufacture the asphalt mix are operational. 

“Speaking of potholes, (and) speaking of report for service, please take a picture, send it on the app and then we will prioritize them and go to fix them,” she said. 

You can download the City of Moose Jaw app on either the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store