A low-pressure centre in Montana and North and South Dakota has resulted in rain in southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. 

“Over the last 24 hours, Moose Jaw has received anywhere from 25 to 32 mm according to the observing station, and one of the volunteer observers,” said Stephen Berg, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

The amount captured by measurements out at 15 Wing amounted to 26.5 mm over 24 hours.

Berg said that while many areas in the south saw rainfall in the last 24 hours, the southwest ended up the most soaked. “Coronach, Rockglen, Maple Creek, Mankota – those areas have got anywhere from 30 to 40 mm over the last 24 hours.” 

Coronach saw 40.1 mm in a 24-hour period.

The rain will continue in Moose Jaw today, with a further 10 to 15 mm expected before showers clear overnight. Sunshine and warmer temperatures are expected for the rest of the week and climb up going into the weekend. 

“Temperatures look like they’re going to be getting quite warm – anywhere from normal up to about 5 degrees above normal.” 

Thursday and Friday have daytime highs of 19, Saturday could reach 25 degrees, and Sunday and Monday have daytime highs of 23.