Since mid-November, RCMP detachments in south-central Saskatchewan have noted a steady increase in reports of property crime, including break-and-enters and thefts. A number of items have been reported as stolen in these incidents, including vehicles, firearms, tools and electronics. I

Investigation has determined these crimes may be committed by suspects armed with weapons. Investigators are working to determine if they are connected. 

Lumsden, Moose Jaw, Milestone, Southey, Punnichy and White Butte RCMP, in cooperation with the Regina Police Service’s Auto Theft Unit, are also working in tandem to conduct neighbourhood inquiries and proactive patrols in the affected areas to help maintain public safety. 

If you see suspicious activity in your area, you are asked to report it to your local RCMP by calling 310-RCMP immediately.

RCMP officers also remind members of the public to take the following precautions:

- Ensure all windows and doors of your residence, business and all outbuildings are locked when you’re not present.

- Consider installing an alarm system and/or video surveillance and ensure that it is always up-to-date and functional.

- Install outdoor lighting: a well-lit property deters thieves.

- Lock your vehicles and equipment. Don’t leave valuables, tools or keys in them. Park them in a garage or well-lit areas while not in use.