The City of Moose Jaw got a little bit closer to making its new outdoor a reality. 

During the Moose Jaw City Council Meeting on Monday, it was announced that the RM of Moose Jaw is donating $50,000 towards the project. 

City manager Jim Puffalt said this is a good step forward in communication between the city and the rural municipality.  

There had been ongoing talks between the two about tax sharing, mainly regarding recreation facilities. Tax dollars from the City of Moose Jaw residents go towards subsidizing those recreation facilities used by them and residents close by in the RM of Moose Jaw. 

“Over 20 per cent of our property tax dollars go towards subsidizing Parks and Recreation facilities and certainly discussions have continued. We're glad to say that our partners at the RM of Moose Jaw have agreed to contribute to the new outdoor pool in the amount of $50,000. So, we thank them for that,” Puffalt said. 

Coun. Crystal Froese cautioned that, while an additional $50,000 towards the project is wonderful, it will not be coming as a lump sum. 

“It's not coming to us in all one cheque. It's going to be dispersed $10,000 per year for five years and it only begins when we put a shovel in the ground,” Froese said. 

The city has been looking at new sources of funding after it was learned it was denied $6.5 million is federal grants through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program’s Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream. 

The estimated cost of the project, which would replace the 56-year-old Phyllis Dewar Outdoor Pool, is just under $9 million with the city’s proposed contribution of $2.5 million.