Even though the snow has been moved from a lot of the major streets in Moose Jaw, there are still going to be some problems getting around the city.

The snow might be gone but the ice is now creating just as many concerns.  We did get some rain on Sunday right before the snow and it was lurking beneath. City plows are working on Priority One streets right now but if you do see an area that's impassable, we're asked to call City Hall.

Ice is also a concern on local highways with fog complicating matters.  At last word, travel is not recommended on Highway 2 from the Causeway to Highway 11, on Highway 11 from Bethune to Davidson and on Highway 301.  We're also being told that fog is reducing visibility around Moose Jaw and making the morning commute a bit longer.

For up to date road conditions, check out the Road Report.  If you see something others should know about, call us at 306-693-6397 or leave us a message on Facebook or Twitter.