The numbers are in for the month of May's Traffic Safety Spotlight.

Throughout the month, SGI geared down on distracted driving, seatbelts, and speeding. It turns out May set a new record in all three of those categories.

Last month there were a total of 1,025 distracted driving offences, 697 offences related to seatbelts and car seats, 8,884 speeding and aggressive driving offences, and 325 impaired driving offences.

"These are all-time high numbers for a single month and actually through March, April, and now May we have seen a high number of tickets written by Saskatchewan police," said Tyler McMurchy, manager of media relations with SGI.

High numbers of traffic offences does not mean more people are speeding, driving distracted or not buckling up.  It means police are catching more of the people who are still doing it. 

With a total of 120 new traffic officer positions added since 2014 via the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan Initiative, enforcement has never been more prevalent or effective.

"It would be great if I could put out one of these releases with the results from a previous month's spotlight and state the police didn't catch anyone driving distracted, speeding, driving impaired, or not strapped in. Although we know that it isn't the current state in Saskatchewan," stated McMurchy.

The Traffic Safety Spotlight in June is focused on distracted driving.