Partners in Employment, a division of SaskAbilities, has been running weekly Wednesday sessions at the Moose Jaw Public Library, and they have seen regular success helping people overcome barriers to finding a job they fit with. 

Partners in Employment staff connect job seekers experiencing disabilities or other employment barriers with employers who will be the best fit. Their work includes training, coaching, and follow-up throughout the hiring process, and they stay connected to both the employee and the employer afterwards. 

“We’re now (at the Public Library) from 1 to 4 on Wednesday afternoons, and the feedback has been very positive,” said Allyson Schaefer, a supervisor with SaskAbilities.  

“I think being in a more central spot in the community has really helped people learn more about our services and accept them. ... Since we’ve been there, I believe there’s only been one day where we haven’t completed at least one intake for services.” 

The plan for holding sessions at the Moose Jaw Public Library (MJPL) was to try and gauge community interest, Schaefer said. Now that they know there’s a real need for employment assistance in the community, they’ll be continuing these sessions for the foreseeable future. 

“Many people have opted to just complete an intake meeting at the time they received the information, and they’ve determined from that that yes, this is something that I would like to do. 

“So, the intake really involves a sharing of information, in terms of what somebody’s interests and background is, a little bit, and the career planner sharing information back about the services that we have. And their file is then opened, and they can begin working with the career planner to identify their interests, skills, and abilities, and develop a realistic employment plan for themselves.” 

Schaefer said they are grateful to the MJPL for giving them space in the Reading Room every week. Community partnerships are vital to how Partners in Employment functions — for example, employers can reach out to work with SaskAbilities and be put on the list for future opportunities. 

Many employers in Moose Jaw have worked with Partners in Employment for decades. A good fit is not guaranteed, but ongoing support from SaskAbilities means career planners will work to help both parties adapt, or to switch to a new candidate if necessary. 

“Just come in and ask your questions,” Schaefer encouraged. “Just learn more information. If employment is a goal of yours, then definitely (we will help). If it’s not us, we will help point you in the right direction. Come and talk to us, we’d love to see you.” 

Partners in Employment career planners are at the MJPL on Wednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. Stop in to learn more, or visit them online at