Spring has returned to Saskatchewan, and so have weight restrictions on the province's secondary highways.  

The restrictions took effect on the morning of March 25, in the province's southern portion. 

“These restrictions affect secondary highways, not major highways like Trans-Canada Highway 1 or Yellowhead Highway 16.” said Dan Palmer, Senior Communications Consultant with the Ministry of Highways. 

As the weather changes the affected roads will see their maximum allowable weight limit reduced by 10 to 15 per cent to reduce damage from the freeze-thaw cycle and the softening effect it has on road surfaces and the ground beneath them. 

“As the weather warms up, they (the restrictions) begin to be phased in throughout the province. That’s why it’s important for truckers and shippers to visit saskatchewan.ca to check for the latest available order to make sure that they know which allowable weights are on the secondary highways.” said Palmer. 

Official spring restriction orders are issued every Tuesday and Friday at 12:30 p.m. during the ban period. Thes restrictions may be in place for as long as six weeks and may change with 48 hours-notice.  

“We certainly appreciate charters and shippers for their cooperation and their helping us and for doing their part to keep that secondary highway system moving.” 

To find out the latest information about which highways are affected by spring weight restrictions visit the Government of Saskatchewan website.