While elementary and high school students go back to class next week, Saskatchewan Polytechnic welcomed students back this week. 

Second-year Insurance diploma student Tyler Dirks said he was happy to get back on campus and continue his studies. 

“It’s been good. Polytech’s a good, good school, good programs, and lots of good instructors with a lot of real-work backgrounds that can relate to you more to get out in the field and actually do what we’re going to school for. It’s nice to have that kind of resource,” he said 

Computer Engineering Technology student Colin Friesen said students are usually getting back into the swing of things during the first week. 

“First weeks are always kind of slow, just going through the syllabuses and getting back into the swing of things after being off for four months. Our program has work terms, so I just got back from working at the RCMP for the summer. It is definitely a change of pace,” Friesen said. 

In doing so, Welcome Week events took place at the Moose Jaw campus throughout the week. 

It all kicked off staff welcoming students at the front doors on Monday as well as a free coffee station. 

Tuesday saw a “picnic on the greens” as students could enjoy lunch on the front lawn of campus with entertainment, games and Indigenous workshops. 

On Wednesday, there was a campus and community services fair at the Macoun lounge in the food court. It was a chance for students to learn more about the supports and services available to students both on and off campus. 

And finally, on Thursday, Sask Polytech held a student connect festival with games, activities and music. 

Inflatable football gameStudents took part in inflatable games at Friday's student connect festival.
Students making craftsCraft-making activities were available for students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic's student connect festival on Friday. 

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