Saskatchewan’s population has seen significant growth since the end of 2022, according to Statistics Canada’s recent estimates.  

The 2023 Quarter 1 report showed that the province’s population has grown to 1,214,618, which is an increase of 29,307 from this time last year.  

That is the biggest population jump seen in a single year in Saskatchewan since 1914.  

Premier Scott Moe said the province's growing economy, job opportunities, and great quality of life are all reasons for the huge jump in population. 

"In 2022, Saskatchewan led the country in economic growth and created more than 20,000 new full-time jobs," Moe said. "Our government is committed to seeing those opportunities and that growth continues. 

 As of Wednesday, Canada has a population of 39,566,248 people, which is an increase of 1,050,110 residents from 2022.