An incident was reported to SaskPower at around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday involving a farm implement coming into contact with a power structure near Riceton, south of Regina.

SaskPower Spokesperson Scott McGregor said the machine had come into contact with one of their transmission structures.

"Thankfully that line in particular doesn't service any of our customers on the distribution side, so there were no outages felt by any of our residential customers, business customers, or anything like that," he reported. 

"As far as we've been told, there has not been any injuries as a result of this line contact. From what I've heard, the operator knew enough to stay in his vehicle and to call it in, and not to leave the vehicle until until we make the area safe."

Despite the shocking photo, no harm came to the farmer. 

"Now with it being seeding, a lot of farmers getting the last of their crops in, there's a push to get as much done as you possibly can, work those long hours, and we just really want to encourage everyone to keep safety their top priority," McGregor reminded. "Take routine breaks, and when they can utilize the spotter, especially if you're using a large piece of equipment around power lines, and planning a route accordingly."

He added, "We have a really useful interactive map on our website at that will show you all of our above-ground power lines and structures through the entire province, so you can adequately plan your route ahead of time." 

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