SaskTel announced on Tuesday that they have begun work to bring their 5G network to the City of Moose Jaw. The hope is that if the work runs smoothly parts of the city will have access to the 5G network by March 2023.  

Moose Jaw Mayor, Clive Tolley says that this is exciting news for residents and the community.  

“We’re actively promoting the benefits of living and working in Moose Jaw, and SaskTel’s new 5G network will allow even more people to get connected and Get A Life in Canada’s Most Notorious City,” says Tolley. 

SaskTel launched its 5G network back in December of 2021.  

Powered by Samsung, SaskTel’s 5G network can reach speeds of up to 1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) allowing customers to connect faster than ever before. After fully deployed, future benefits of the 5G network will include incredible capacity and ultra-low latency, enabling new use cases for wireless technology that will be the foundation that next-generation innovations will be built upon.  

The new 5G network will also help support more data-driven smart solutions for agriculture and other industries will help increase economic development across the province.  

Their 5G network expansion is part of SaskTel’s commitment to invest more than $1.5 billion of capital across the province over the next five years.  

To connect to its 5G network, SaskTel customers need to be within a 5G coverage area, have a 5G capable device that is certified for use on the SaskTel 5G network, and subscribe to a 5G compatible wireless plan.