City contractors will be performing a CIPP sewer lining project in several areas of the city that will temporarily restrict traffic beginning on Tuesday. 

The affected locations are: 

  • Grandview Street West from Seventh to Eighth Avenue Southwest 
  • Wolfe Avenue from Oxford Street East to mid-block north of Hall Street East 
  • Duffield Street West from Skipton Road to Fourth Avenue Southwest 
  • Coteau Street West from Ninth Avenue Southwest to 12th Avenue Southwest 
  • Clifton Avenue from MacDonald Street to Lane Way 
  • Algoma Avenue from Caribou Street West to mid-block to the north 
  • River Street East from First Avenue Northwest to Lane Way 
  • Main Street North from Manitoba Street East to River Street West 
  • Scott Street from Coteau Street West to Duffield Street West 
  • Skipton Road from Coteau Street West to Grandview Street West 
  • 16th Avenue North West from the back lane of Caribou Heights to Caribou Street West 
  • Pascoe Drive East from Rutherford Street to Pascoe Crescent 
  • Hochelaga Street West from Seventh Avenue Northwest to mid-block to the west. 
  • Home Street East from First Avenue Southeast to Second Avenue Southeast 
  • A segment of 13th Avenue Northwest 
  • Fourth Avenue Northwest from Fairford Street West to Hochelaga Street West 

The affected areas will be temporarily restricted for traffic while inspections and lining occur. The project is expected to be completed by Friday, June 28. 

Residents and businesses in the affected areas will receive a notice with information about the lining work. The work will require sewer service connections to be sealed off for a couple of hours. Residents and businesses that receive a notice are asked to follow the water usage limitations during that period. 

Motorists are asked to obey all signage and use caution in construction ones for everyone’s safety.