The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) has confirmed that some Moose Jaw residents are being offered non-urgent mammograms in Saskatoon. 

Discover Moose Jaw reached out to SHA following reports on social media that residents were being asked to travel for the exams.  

SHA responded with the following: 


The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is focused on providing timely health care services to residents of the province as close to home as possible. 

While urgent mammography services in Moose Jaw continue to take place promptly, there is a wait for those who require non-urgent exams. 

To ensure non-urgent patients receive their exams as quickly as possible, the SHA is working with community providers in Saskatoon to offer services to Moose Jaw patients who may be willing to travel for their exams. 

Response from patients to being given this option has been positive. As a result of this initiative, among others, approximately 150 Moose Jaw area women have agreed to travel to Saskatoon to receive their exams more quickly. This has the added benefit of shortening the wait for those unable to travel. 

The SHA continues to work with community partners to find solutions in order to shorten wait times right across the province. 


It is projected that Saskatchewan will have 785 diagnosed cases of breast cancer this year