The director of education at Prairie South School Division (PSSD) is responding to an online petition that's asking for support to make financial literacy a required class for Saskatchewan students to graduate.

"The province does provide provincially approved curriculum for Financial Literacy 20 and 30, so all students have an opportunity to take that course," explained Ryan Boughen. "In Prairie South [School Division], we offer both of those courses. Students do have a choice to take financial literacy if they choose to do so."

Boughen says it's the province that determines curriculum requirements, not local school divisions.

"I think the concepts of financial literacy are important and the other thing that probably a lot of people don't know is that there are components of financial literacy in a lot of the math classes that are offered...I would agree that it's important for students to have a good understanding of finance as they move into the world of work or post-secondary education."

He notes the advent of financial literacy courses and those being options for students is newer for curriculum offerings.

In regards to making the courses mandatory, Boughen believes it's important for students to have a choice in their learning options.