The City of Moose Jaw’s sidewalk and gutter rehabilitation project has wrapped up in the northeast area of the city and is now moving to the northwest. 

The project will see the removal of deteriorating concrete sidewalks and gutters in selection locations and setting up forms and pouring new concrete. The projects is expected to take four to six weeks, weather permitting. 

Streets included in the project include: 

  • Buttercup & Dahlia Crescents  
  • 1000-1100 Blocks of Main St N (three locations)  
  • 500-1300 Athabasca St W (three locations)  
  • 1000-1100 1st Ave NW (two locations)  
  • 200 Ross St (one location)  
  • 800 3rd Ave NW (one location)  
  • 1100-1200 4th Ave NW (two locations)  
  • 1100 Redland Ave (one location)  
  • 1100 Clifton Ave (two locations)  
  • 800-1000 6th Ave NW (three locations)  
  • 800 Algoma (one location)  
  • 800-1100 Connaught Ave (three locations)  
  • 1200 8th Ave NW (one location)  
  • 1100 Elgin Ave (one location)  
  • 1000 11th Ave NW (one location)  
  • 1000-1100 13th Ave NW (eight locations)  
  • 900-1000 James St (two locations)  
  • 900 Albert St (one location)  
  • 1100 Laurier St (one location)  
  • 1200 Carleton St (four locations)  
  • 1400 Grace St (one location)  
  • 0-1000 block Stadacona St W (seven locations)  
  • 300 River St W (one location)  
  • 1-1100 Hochelaga St W (three locations)  
  • 100-200 Fairford St W (two locations)  
  • 500 High St W (two locations)  
  • 100 Manitoba St W 

No roads will be closed during this project. The city is reminding motorists to obey temporary signage and slowdown in construction zones for everyone’s safety. 

Any residents that need assistance during this project are asked to use the “Report an Issue” feature on the city’s app.