Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

Food, bargains and entertainment. It can't get much better than that.

The 2006 edition of Sidewalk Days is here.

Dale Harvey is a BID board member and he talks about the entertainment set for Thursday night's kick off party. "On the main stage at 5 o'clock we have Music x2, at 7 o'clock we have Manna, 8 o'clock its the Switzer Band, and at 9 o'clock its Maurice Libby. On the John's Music Stage we have Brandon and Company, Dime a Dozen, and Deception."

Another special feature this year is the Firefighter's Combat Challenge being held Saturday afternoon featuring fire crews from across western Canada competing in skill challenges for a chance to move on to nationals.

And of course who could forget all of the bargains and food that local retailers have to offer.