Snowblowers and shovels are in high demand today following the weekend snowfall.

Sales have been brisk at the Moose Jaw Canadian Tire.

"We did have a couple snowblower sales yesterday but then today they've kind of been flying off the shelves already this morning," said Logistics Manager Heather Lentini. "I don't know if we'll have enough to last us through the day but we're trying. We're already putting orders through for more so hopefully we'll have some more by next week. We're pulling everything we have from the back for snowblowers so everything will be out. They're going pretty fast to get through this deep snow. I think people don't want to have to shovel. It's fairly heavy snow this time. They're just hoping the snowblower helps their backs."

Heather LentiniLentini expects they may run out of snowblowers by the end of the day

Lentini notes shovels have also been flying off the shelves and they've also been selling a few generators today with the power outage at Caronport.

"We have lots of shovels. We're continuing to bring more and more out but definitely we're putting a bunch at the front of the store so that they're easy to find and then there are some on the shelves as well in the seasonal area, back end of [Aisle] 88."

Lentini says they have ice melts and salts located in the front entrance as well. Car scrapers, emergency kits and small foldable shovels can be found in Aisle 6.

She adds the automotive department has been busy over the past week with winter tire sales and installations.

Canadian Tire is a one-stop shop for winter gear, with lots of boots for kids and adults. They also sell insulated steel toe boots and high visibility work wear. Winter jackets, mitts, toques and gloves can also be found at the new store located on Thatcher Drive.

In addition, snow toys and toboggans are in stock for the kids.

Ice MeltCustomers can pick up ice melt and salts in the front entrance