Author: 800 CHAB News
Saskatchewan Agrivision Corporation releasing a discussion paper on "Restructuring the Grains and Oilseeds Industry. The paper, "Canadian Agricullture: The Need for Change" was written by Dr. Hartley Furtan,  a Professor of Agricultural Economics at the U of S. 

He hopes the paper will lead to an action plan and recommendations on how to restructure the grains and oilseeds sector for sustained profitability at the farm level. Furtan says if the traditional family farm is going to carry on, we will need a public policy decision that supports this. 

The population of Canada, urban and rural, will need to decide that they want to preserve what the family farm because of the value it provides to society. He adds there are strong and valid reasons to protect the grains and oilseed sector . It represents the most effective way of utilizing the large dry-land resource of the prairies, and supports approximately $85B of annual GDP "value-add" activity across Canada. The question is, "How to best do it?"

If you'd like more information, contact Saskatchewan Agrivision.