We’re expecting some flurries later this week, but nothing major.  

Today’s daytime high is minus 2, Tuesday is minus 3, and Wednesday gets up to plus 3, with plenty of sunshine expected.  

Natalie Hasell, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, said there’s currently a ridge over northern Manitoba that extends through the Prairies, particularly in southern Saskatchewan. “That is kind of keeping a low-pressure system from the States in the States. The next few days don’t look like they’re going to be particularly busy or active over southern Saskatchewan.” 

As that system moves off during the week, Hasell said there’s another low-pressure system developing in Alberta, but that it’s sharing energy with a system in Montana, so they aren’t sure what system will reach us. She said that some precipitation is expected on Thursday and Friday. 

“By the time it reaches you, it should be snow, although some areas further upstream might see mixed precipitation.” 

Thursday’s daytime high is plus 1, and Friday’s is 0. 

She added that there could be some precipitation on Saturday if the skies cloud over. “I know it’s not specifically in the forecast for Moose Jaw, but it wouldn’t surprise me that you get at least a chance of flurries by the time we make it to Saturday in the forecast.” 

Saturday is expected to be minus 2 with a mix of sun and clouds, and Sunday also has some clouds mixed in with the sunshine and a high of plus 1.  

“The rest of the weekend and Easter Monday itself will probably be a decent, pretty benign day.” 

Hasell added that temperatures are expected to be below normal this week and into the weekend owing to a colder airmass, but that they’re also expected to be consistent. “The next couple systems that bring us the precipitation are not bringing in those wild, rapid-warming days that we saw not too long ago with other systems.” 

“Temperatures are not really expected to change all that much with the passage of these systems.”