The City of Moose Jaw’s Special Needs Advisory Committee could be going by a different name in the near future. 

The advisory committee put forward a recommendation to city council on Monday that a new Accessible Community Advisory Committee Bylaw be presented at an upcoming city council meeting. 

“The main thing is the committee that sits feels the bylaw is kind of dated and so we thought it needed a refreshing and perhaps look at where the membership lies with that group,” said Special Needs Advisory Committee member Coun. Jamey Logan. 

The bylaw would replace the Special Needs Advisory Committee Bylaw. Along with updating the language in the bylaw, it would also change the name of the committee to the Accessible Community Advisory Committee. 

Logan is hoping the new name will expand the advisory committee’s membership. 

“We want to be a little more inclusive throughout the city, so rather than just naming it Special Needs Advisory Committee, we thought we would add hopefully add some members to that list, such as Diversified Services, a member from Sask Polytech, perhaps Families for Change, an age-friendly community rep, CNIB community rep, Special Olympics community rep and so on,” he said. 

The proposed bylaw will receive input from Director of Parks and Recreation Derek Blais and the city’s legal counsel before being presented to city council for final approval.