The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation held a press conference this morning, providing updates on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) around class size and complexity with the provincial government.  

“I truly feel that this is as close as we have been within the process of getting back to the table. We’re hopeful, but also cautious with that in ensuring that it is something that is going to work for teachers, and most importantly, students,” said STF President, Samantha Becotte.  

She said they will be working through the weekend hoping to return to the table. Becotte added that they are looking for the MOU to be binding. “There needs to be a way to have a dispute resolution.” 

“Restricted funds should be restricted to what their purpose is, and if school divisions aren’t compliant to that, then there should be a dispute resolution to ensure that there’s a way to correct that decision in some way.” 

Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill announced this morning that graduation will be happening in Saskatchewan, however job action unfolds. 

“Today, I’m announcing that all grade 12 graduation events will go ahead this spring, and government will be working with school divisions and parents to provide any resources necessary to ensure each of these ceremonies go ahead, regardless of any job action the teachers’ union decides to take.” 

Cockrill commented on the withdrawal of extracurricular activities in the province by the STF. “In some cases, withdrawing these services on a provincial level violates local agreements which local teachers’ associations have signed with school divisions.” 

Cockrill also spoke about the MOU this morning. “What we’ve put forward in this accountability framework MOU is really the mechanism for teachers to have a voice in advising school divisions on understanding how those dollars are allocated by school divisions, and then given a framework to provide feedback to their local school division about that.” 

“The commitment around funding is in the multi-year funding agreement with school divisions.”