The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) has announced more job action for Monday, March 18th, and Tuesday, March 19th. 

Monday and Tuesday will see a rotating withdrawal of noon-hour supervision at many schools in the province. 

Job action on Monday, March 18th does not impact Moose Jaw, but Prairie South School Division will have noon-hour supervision withdrawn on Tuesday, March 19th.  

The STF had requested that the provincial government go to binding arbitration to resolve collective bargaining agreement issues surrounding class size and complexity and said in a press release on Friday morning that the invitation was declined.  

Jeremy Cockrill addressed binding arbitration in regard to class size and complexity yesterday. 

“These issues don’t belong at the bargaining table - they don’t belong at binding arbitration. You’ve seen this government make significant commitments to address these issues directly with school divisions, which are, at the end of the day, the employer and the operators of our schools around the province.”