The Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation (STF) has released details of its tentative with the provincial government. 

The details are now being released after STF held two virtual meetings with its members to detail the agreement between the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee and the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee. 

The agreement is a three-year term from Sept. 1, 2023, to Aug. 31, 2026. 

The agreement includes an accountability framework that will be signed by the STF, the provincial government and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association as part of a Memorandum of Understanding. 

According to the STF, it will give transparency and teachers a voice on the school divisions’ allocation of funding for classroom supports. 

Classroom complexity will also be addressed with an additional $18 million per year added to the Multi-Year Funding Agreement with the government and the SSBA signed in the MOU. 

A “Minister’s Task Force on Classroom Complexity” will also be created consisting of teachers, students and parents. A final report from the task force will be presented to the Minister of Education. 

A policy table will also be created on violence-free classrooms, chaired by the Ministry of Education with representatives from the STF and SSBA. 

Salary wise, teachers will see a three per cent increase in 2023-2024, three per cent in 2024-2025 and two per cent for 2025-2026. 

STF members will vote to ratify the tentative agreement on May 29 and 30. Results will be made available on the evening of May 30.