A group of King George students give of themselves and help to raise funds for a new mammography unit in Moose Jaw. Click here to view photo.


While most kids were outside playing the leaves, tossing around a football, or riding their bikes, a group of students from King George School was helping to make the world a better place.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every Saturday during the month of October the students met in front of Pillow Talk Lingerie and helped raise money for a new mammography unit at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital.

12 year old Eric McKibbon was one of the students involved. "We had a lemonade stand set up on the street and we just sat there selling lemonade."

13 year old Kyle McKibbon was also involved and helped presented a cheque worth $122.25 to the Moose Jaw Health Foundation. All of that was raised thanks to the lemonade stand.

Foundation Executive Director Kelly McElree was more than pleased with the effort of the young philanthropists. "I think speaks loud and clear of just what Moose Jaw is. Its people that are caring about each other in our community and doing what they can to help out, battle and eradicate this horrible disease called breast cancer."